Pete and Bella filling the RV


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Coronavirus. How has that one word impacted your life? Has it kept you from church fellowship? Has it kept you from ministry? Have you lost income? Have you or someone you love suffered with the virus?

Are you living with fears you never had before?

When we started ministering with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, we’d never heard of Coronavirus. We believed plagues of this type belonged in history books, not in newspapers and blogs, and certainly not anything that would turn our 2020 world up-side-down.

At least not in America.

But here we are with the rest of the country wearing masks, going through gallons of hand sanitizer, good-byes without hugs, dealing with innumerable cancellations, and praying about things we thought would never touch our lives.

Before Coronavirus with our daughter and Florida grandkids

Today, as we leave Florida, saying good bye to our Florida family (our daughter and four grandchildren) is difficult, but thankfully we know we will see them when we return in September.

Saying good-bye to two special friends who are under Hospice care has been most difficult. Unless God intervenes, these dear friends won’t be here when we return. Oh, how we longed to hug them and hold them close one last time, but because of coronavirus, we couldn’t. For their well-being, we had to stand at a heartbreaking distance.

Through all this, we’ve been praying for you, praying that you will stay healthy, that God will use this time to draw you closer to Him, and that He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

Just as He promised.

We’ve also been praying for ourselves, asking God what He would have us do during this unexpected time when it seems we have no control over even a mile we travel.

But isn’t that the way it’s always been? God is the one in control, not us. Maybe, as spoiled Americans, God is using (not causing) this enemy virus to remind us that He is the ONE in control.

Before we set out on the road, I’m anxious to share with you how God amazingly answered our prayers about the direction He would have us go.

A couple weeks ago when I was home alone, God spoke to me, the way He often does with a quiet inside knowing. He impressed upon me that we should head north as planned, despite the cancelled events. Every time we stop for gas or to let Bella run–every time we exit our vehicles–we should carry a walking stick. God will lead folks to ask about the walking sticks. When they do, we are to ask permission to share the story of the beads (the Gospel) and give them the walking stick along with the printed material. He assured me that He would send the people if we carry the sticks.

Later that evening when I shared this with Pete, he shook his head in amazement. That same day, God had told him the exact thing.

And so as we leave, we’re not exactly sure of the route we’ll be taking. We know we’ll be traveling slow, stopping to walk along a few Panhandle beaches with our walking sticks, praying for the Lord to give us opportunities to share the Gospel.

After that, we will continue north. If things open up in Missouri, we have an invitation to share the Gospel at a very large home for unwed mothers. We’ve always had a heart for the brave young women who give birth to their babies instead of taking the seemingly easy way out with abortion.

Once in Minnesota, we still have several opportunities to share at community festivals, unless the governor decides it’s best to keep the state closed. We also have a large event in South Carolina in July and another significant event in Michigan in August (if the Michigan governor allows).

Pete will be driving the RV and towing the Fellowship of Christian Farmers trailer. I’ll be driving the car, so it will be quite a costly trip. But we are cutting expenses and our chance of coming in contact with the virus by spending nights in Cracker Barrel parking lots, rather than camp grounds.

Thank you for praying and so generously supporting this ministry. We believe the time is short before Christ’s return. We are humbled and grateful to be used by the Lord at this time. There’s nothing as wonderful as praying with someone to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Even with so many cancelled events, our expenses continue. During the last few weeks the lettering has been put on the trailer. We also had the expense of vehicle licensing. Since this was the first time the RV was registered in Florida, we had an added expense that we had not prepared for.

But God had, to the very penny, through a gift from dear friends. We’ve also been given a supply of top-quality masks and disinfectant wipes.

Words can’t express how grateful we are for each of you who have supported us with your gifts and prayers. You are a crucial part of the ministry of winning people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If God leads you to give a gift of any size, please click on the giving page. All gifts are tax deductable.

And if God is leading you to pray, we are most grateful for every prayer.

Prayer concerns:

1. That the folks who received Jesus Christ at last winter’s events will be discipled in a Bible believing church and grow in Christ.

2. Safe travel as we head north.

3. Opportunities to share the Gospel along the road.

4. No vehicle problems or unexpected expenses.

5. That God will keep us healthy as we travel.

6. The safe opening of states.

7. That we will be able to minister at the home in Missouri.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him. May He keep you and your family healthy during this time, and may He use you to bless others in His most powerful name, the name of Jesus Christ.

In His Grip,

Pete and Sandy Singer

Published by sandramaesinger

Fifty years and counting, that is how long Pete and I have been married. We have two wonderful adult children, seven amazing grandchildren, one terrific great-grandson, and a pug with an inflated ego. Originally from Minnesota, we now call southwest Florida home. I'm looking forward to publication of The Missing Piece, which is the sequel to my first book, All the Broken Pieces. Also keep an eye out for He Came to Me, which places readers in the sandals of the often neglected women whose lives were changed when Jesus came to them. Along with Pete, I have spent my life in ministry, often opening our home to women in crisis and working with lawmakers on legislation that promotes life and family values. Both Pete and I are certified Community Chaplains and since Pete's retirement, we minister with The Fellowship of Christian Farmers International, traveling to festivals and fairs to share the gospel and bringing hope and help to those hit by natural disasters.

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