Time for Christmas…Time for Christ

How many times have you read the Christmas story as recorded in Luke? If you are like us, probably more times than you can count. I read the story again this morning and noticed something I have never noticed before. Time is important to God. I counted thirty-one references to time in the Christmas story,Continue reading “Time for Christmas…Time for Christ”


We started our journey to Minnesota towing a trailer filled with 1300 walking sticks and hearts exploding with heaven-high hopes of witnessing to at least that many folks at community festivals, flea markets and fairs this summer. We prayed about our journey and told God all about our plans to return to Florida without oneContinue reading “THIS ISN’T WHAT WE PLANNED”


I believe people from Florida have the most experience traveling through storms. Besides hurricanes, storms happen almost every day during the summer months. And they most often arrive right in the middle of afternoon rush hour. The sky turns dark, thunder cracks, darts of lightening flash from sky to earth, winds howl, and rain fallsContinue reading “TRAVELING THROUGH STORMS”